Happy Moonday
Organic sanitary pads

Have a Happy Moonday :)

Happy Moonday is started by 2 female founders in their 20's, who were experiencing severe cramps and pain during their periods.

We wanted to make pads which we can trust and use comfortably, and also share them with others.

Medium type (240mm, 4p)

Large type (280mm, 4p)

Long Liner type (175mm, 20p)

Overnight type (320mm, 2p)

We recommend Happy Moonday to...

Those who suffer from skin irritation by pads using rough synthetic fibers(Rayon, PET)
Those who suffer from cramps
Those who are interested in organic products

Certified Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton is grown on soil unexposed to pesticides more than 3 years, and is harvested without any herbicide.

Farm → Organic Cotton Top Sheet → Sanitary Pads Factory → Storing/Distribution the entire process is organic certified.

Control Union

KFDA approval registration number

Happy Moonday is a certified product under KFDA approval

Type Authorization Number Manufacture Date Validity
Medium 5106-201708150 2017.12.13 2020.12.13
Large 5108-201708152 2017.12.20 2020.12.20
Long Liner 5109-201708153 2017.12.13 2020.12.13
Overnight 5107-201708151 2018.01.19 2021.01.19

Happy Moonday
Product Standards

Material selection

We do not use unhealthy material for cost saving. All materials are tested for any chemical or VOC.

Supplier selection

All suppliers are carefully monitored and selected on the basis of good reputation and history, technology and quality.

We are careful not to include the following:

  • fertilizer grown products
  • pesticide used products
  • GMO products
  • perfumes
  • chlorine bleaching
  • fluorescent whitening agent
  • formaldehyde
  • heavy metals
  • lead

Happy Moonday Material Content

  • Organic cotton Top Sheet

    We planted organic cotton (GOTS certified) on a farm in Xinjiang Uygur and applied safe oxygen bleaching.

  • Non-woven fabric (absorbent paper)

    It is made by combining the fibers with heat and pressure without glue.

  • Polymer absorbing sheet

    SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer), produced in Singapore, is made into a sheet in Korea adding absorption power to organic cotton pads.

    Is SAP secure?
  • Breathable film

    The pads' waterproof bottom layer is made mainly of polyethylene, and it breathes out the odor and keep it dry.

  • Glue

    Olefinic adhesives made by a German-based company use small amount of a proven adhesive that can be used for medical purpose or quasi-drugs.

    Adhesive VOCs Test Report

Happy Moonday finished product VOCs inspection report- all 10 VOCs not detected

Regarding grown concerns towards safe sanitary pads, our thoughts are deepening.

Though knowing 'chemical' does not necessarily mean 'harmful', more study must be done to clarify chemical's effects on women's body. This is why government, academics, and industry must work together to solve this issue. Happy Moonday will not settle down on industry practices, and promise to continue making better products.

Complete Product's VOCs Test Report

Test Condition : 120°C, 30min
Organization : SGS Korea
Date : 2017.12.28.
Detection Limit : 1mg/kg